Google+ The Norris Files: October 2009


The Tank Street Bridge

The Kurilpa Bridge, which I refuse to call it preferring the Tank Street Bridge, opened last weekend so I added it to my regular river walk route. From the city side the access point is in Tank Street and on the west bank side the bridge is accessed from the river walkway just near the State Library.

Its more impressive when you walk on it than the Goodwill Bridge probably because the span is higher. However, from ground level it looks ugly with support beams jutting into the sky at different angles. The Goodwill bridge is easier on the eye. Also, on the Tank Street Bridge there are numerous support cables criss-crossing at eye level that slightly affect your view, unlike the Goodwill Bridge which has unimpeded views.

Back on the Bike

I went to Daisy Hill today, my first day back on the bike since I went riding in the south of France at the start of September. I have to say its nice to be back on a bike that at least has front suspension.The bike I rode in France was a Specialised Touring bike without any suspension at all, and boy did I know it.

Daisy Hill was very dry and dusty and although the notice board is more than two months out of date the tracks were just the same. The rock garden has a newish 'B' line that you can see in the picture on the right. The exit from the 'B' line seen in the picture below is the same difficulty as the 'A' line.

Sleepy Hollow is still pretty much my favourite area of Daisy Hill, but the picture below right doesn't do it justice. It is quite a steep descent into the gully and the logs they have placed in the creek make for a difficult crossing.

In the last six months or so they have put up signs to most of the Daisy Hill single tracks, along with a grading, number, and in some cases completely re-named the trail. There are also a few new trails that I haven't ridden yet, so I will have to give up my regular route and give them a go. In the picture below the trail that I previously knew as Stonehenge has now been renamed the Wiry Panic trail and has been extended in length.