Google+ The Norris Files: December 2012



This, has been a slow year! 

Injury and illness have colluded to ensure that following an indulgent 2011, twenty-twelve has been a bit of a drag with regards to outdoor pursuits. 

The highlight; a perfect winters day to summit Mt Greville. The low-light(s); the cancellation, due to injury, of a northern Patagonian pack-rafting/hiking trip in addition to the annual New Zealand tramping/biking sojourn. Hoping, for a more active 2013!    



Contrails, from two aircraft in a holding pattern on a hot (the hottest for 2012) but beautiful Brisbane evening

Banks Creek


Banks Creek Road is a quiet, rural road that passes through cattle country on the outskirts of Fernvale. Undulating in parts, it has numerous water crossings, the major one being the causeway over the fast flowing Brisbane River at Savages Crossing. Nearly two years after the floods of January 2011, this section still bares the scars from the volume of water that flowed through here at that time. The road connects the western fringes of D'Aguilar National Park with the Brisbane River Valley region. As a result, it is an ideal corridor for epic rides from either Mt Nebo and Mt Glorious to the east or the Somerset Region to the west. The Brisbane Valley Rail Trail, conveniently passing through Fernvale, increases the options in a northerly direction as far as the small township of Yarraman. Couple these routes, with the regions very rideable Bicentennial National Trail, and you have the makings for a mega ride. Unfortunately, I picked the wrong season to ride here. Herds of cows roamed the road which, in itself, is usually not a problem. However, being mating season each herd had a bull attached. Protective of their herd, bad tempered and aggressive, they were determined to end my ride. I now know, given a headstart, I can out ride a bull. Twice in fact, but only just!. It made me ponder on the legalities of allowing bulls to roam along what is a public road.     


Banks Creek Rd; Fernvale