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Mt Greville, to my mind, is one of the gems of the scenic rim. Without doubt Mt Barney is iconic and other peaks in the region are not without their own special appeal however; none of them have Palm Gorge or can arguably, offer quite the same diversity of landscape, terrain, flora and fauna at every turn that this mountain does. Palm Gorge (and Waterfall Gorge) is the jewel in the crown, offering a unique ascent route (or descent) between a narrow and steep sided gorge dominated by rainforest and carpeted by fallen palm fronds. Orchids, strangler figs, staghorns, ferns, mosses and lichen line the walls of the gorge while Piccabeen Palms tower overhead reaching for a glimpse of sunlight above the gorge walls.

The views from the actual summit are limited but a rocky outcrop just west of the summit cairn provides an ideal position for lunch with superb views towards Cunninghams Gap and the Main Range ramparts. Boars Head, Mount Castle and the Hole in the Wall are all visible while to the North lays the conical shape of Mt Edwards and the blue expanses of Lake Moogerah.

My descent from the summit was across the scree slopes and rocky slabs of the south east ridge that offered views down into the twin gorges of Waterfall Gorge to the left and Palm Gorge to the right. The view out over the Fassifern Valley is dominated by Mt Moon and the rugged finger of rock that is Glennies Pulpit while below, an inlet of Lake Moogerah ekes a path over the lowlands. In the distance Mt Barney and the Mt Ballow massif dominate the horizon and the ridge of the Main Range extends to the west until it reaches Spicers Peak. Another great day out in this region with perfect weather to match the surroundings.   










Mt GrevillePalm Gorge; Mt Greville