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Mirage Sea Kayak

After a few years of indecision and confusion I think I am closer to deciding on which kayak to purchase. I have waged a war in my head about the merits of sit on top kayaks versus sit in kayaks, primary and secondary stability and plastic versus fiberglass hulls.

Then, I read a review of the Australian made Mirage Kayaks on their website which described the Mirage 19 as a stable workhorse, exactly what I have been looking for. Additionally, they appear to have good balance between primary and secondary stability, a largish cockpit and they are regarded as a relatively fast boat that are suitable for expeditions having crossed Bass Strait numerous times.

They appear to suit my requirements and even better I only really need to decide between two boats, either the Mirage 19 or the Mirage 580. I think this will be a next winter purchase so I still have some time to do more research and finalise the options I need. Unless something hugely negative comes up relating to these kayaks I don't plan on confusing myself any longer by looking at any other manufacturers. Roll on next winter!


  1. As far as I know the Mirage 19 is the older version of the 580. If there are any on the market they should be examined as they are getting on in years but do you really want a pristine example so you can be the first to scratch it? Mind you the price of the mirage 19 will be closer to the $1200 mark while the used 580s are twice that.

  2. Cheers for that Bepe. This post is a few years old however, I did end up purchasing the 580. At the time Mirage still made the 19 and the 580 although, the 580 has now been slightly redesigned and called the 582. Mine was a showroom model so I got a few dollars off but it still would have been be considered 'pristine'. Your right, for some reason the 580's hold their value, but that was never a consideration for me as I consider this will be the only kayak I ever purchase.