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A Distant Memory!

My last bike ride is just that, a distant memory. I think and I'm not sure but the last time I rode a bike was in South Australia around September last year just short of four months ago. I cannot remember the last time I rode at Daisy Hill, it has been that long, The weather, health issues and lack of motivation have kept me off the bike in recent times but after today's ride hopefully, I can get back to some regular riding and build up the kilometres leading into the Outer Hebrides tour in May.

All that being said, today's ride was a shocker. I really struggled! The heavens must have opened on Daisy Hill last night because it was a mud bath and the conditions simply awful. I did less than 10kms on tracks I haven't ridden in three years and they highlighted how badly my bike skills have slipped, probably because I have chosen to ride only the same route around Daisy for some tine now. That is a condition I aim to rectify somewhat by mixing up the tracks, keeping the riding I do fresher and more interesting. Hopefully,that will help with my motivation and result in more time on the bike.

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