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Mirage 580 Sea Kayak

A while back in this post ( I mentioned that I had settled on a brand of sea kayak and was ready to purchase. However, some unexpected and expensive dental work put a hole in the budget and delayed the purchase until now.

I ended up purchasing the Mirage 580 Kevlar, essentially an expedition sea kayak that is supposedly a versatile, stable boat that tracks well in all conditions from flat water to ocean passages. According to Mirage it is a kayak that can maintain high cruising speeds over an extended period and boasts a track record that includes numerous Bass Strait crossings, extended east and west coast trips and is a popular boat amongst the Hawksberry Classic crowd.

While most of the above mentioned trips are well outside my comfort zone (now or in the future) the Mirage 580 was the only boat that after fours years of searching came the closest to matching what I wanted in a kayak. Time will tell but what I can say is that I’m happy my days of sit on top kayaking are over!

Brief Specifications for Mirage 580

*Length 5.8m/19ft

*Beam 55.5cm/22.5 inches

*Weight (Kevlar)22.5kg/49.0lbs

*Mako fibreglass touring paddle

*Comfort combo backrest and seat

*Carry toggles (bow and stern)

*Electric bilge pump

*Hand bilge pump (spare)

*Deck compass

*Cockpit cover

*Combi spray skirt

*Paddle leash

*Ultra Trek 11 PFD











  1. Looks beautiful Phil. Not that I know anything about kayaks but it looks so sleek. So what sort of adventures do you plan to use it for?

  2. Thanks Cam, it is a nice boat to look at. I plan to start off slow as I'm only used to sit on top kayaks but, local areas like the Noosa River up to Harrys Hut and further will be on the list initially then step it up a bit onto Moreton Bay and eventually places off shore like the Whitsundays. Trips south may also feature with beautiful spots like the Myall Lakes perfect for kayaking.

  3. Hello Phil - looks an awful lot faster than any SOT you might have'll be thinking twice about hiking with big pack soon!

  4. Hi Will, yes I think hiking may take a back seat for a while! By the way I am very happy I stumbled across your blog; The images are stunning.

  5. I have one of them and I use it for fishing, they are great