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Noosa Trails 2 and 3 Loop Ride

I decided to drive up to the north coast today and ride some of the Noosa Trails Network which are in the hinterland area. The network is made up of 8 trails located around Kin Kin, Cooran, Pomona, Cooroy and Lake MacDonald. They are multi-use trails, mainly horse trails that have been improved to allow hiking/biking with facilities and campsites built in a few places along the trail. Some sections of Trails 2 and 3 were not entirely suited to biking and required a shortish 'hike a bike'.

The plan was to start at Middle Lookout campground and ride Trail 2 and 3 in a loop ride returning to bush camp at Middle Lookout. The following day I was going to ride Trails 4, 7, 5 in another loop ride however, day one had been a tough ride and the wind, when I arrived, was slamming into the exposed hilltop Middle Lookout campground where I inteded to camp that night. Not wishing to spend a sleepless night in a flapping tent I ended up driving home after the day one loop.

The ride was essentially a circular loop that started with a western arc heading north from just outside of Pomona and continuing onto Kin Kin for lunch. Then, the route returned in an easterly direction that arced out from Kin Kin back to Middle Lookout just outside of Pomona. It was a tough ride in parts. just under 40kms and 1100m in elevation gained but with some great views. Plenty of 'hike a bike' sections, some great rolling country dirt roads, incredibly green hills, fantastic views from Cootharaba Views Lookout east to Noosa and west into the hinterland valley.

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