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Thorn Nomad MK2

Finally, after a year of procrastinating, I have taken the plunge and purchased a Thorn Nomad MK2. Thorn Cycles are an English company that specialize in steel framed touring bikes. At first I couldn't decide which of their bikes to purchase as none of the bikes in their range seemed to fit my requirements or budget entirely.

Then, Thorn decided to make their most popular the Nomad, available with front suspension forks rather than rigid forks. I was sold at that point. Adding to the appeal is fact they design the frame around the Rohloff internal gearbox, a major plus when cycle touring. Lower gears, no derailleur and minimal maintenance, what more could I ask for?

Another very expensive option that I have gone with is the S&S couplings. They allow allow the bike frame to be broken down into two pieces for ease of travel, in particularly, air travel. The couplings don't weaken the frame at all and in fact, apparently, strengthen it slightly. After finalizing the bikes specification I will be placing an order in the next day or so.

The bike pictured below is fairly similar to the spec bike I have ordered. Visually, the only differences are that I will not have front and rear mudguards or the front pannier rack Tthe front forks will be suspension not rigid as per the photo, the Brooks saddle will be honey in colour and yes, I have ordered the bike in Thorns new killer colour; Tonka Yellow.


  1. Great looking bike! It's on my wish list too. Not sure when you posted this, but did you get your nomad yet?

  2. Hey Princey,

    I got the bike about two years ago. It's been on quite a few trips both at home and overseas. Very happy with it. If you can afford it (it was expensive to import into Australia) its worth the money. A tough, comfortable and easy to ride bike when fully laden! Hope you fulfill your wish soon!

  3. Nice! I'm planning to do end 2 end in the UK next year and still deciding wether to buy the bike there, claim the VAT back when I leave or ship here in advance..... I do like the look of the Tonka yellow and thought in the interest of saving weight I would probably buy the bike without the sockets to allow full break down of the frame.... Heading out to the BVRT this weekend.....


    1. Hi Philip,
      quick question - what size nomad did you get? How tall are you? I'm 6'3" and wondering whether I'll be able to run suspension forks on a nomad my size (due to steerer length limits...)

    2. Hi Ben. I'm 6" and bought the 540 Large size Nomad. The Nomad Brochure seems to indicate that suspension forks can be fitted to all Nomad sizes. Hope that helps.