Google+ The Norris Files: Outer Hebrides; Barra to the Butt Bike Packing List.


Outer Hebrides; Barra to the Butt Bike Packing List.

Bicycle Accessories (attached to bike)

*Ground Effect Tardis Bike Bag
*Handlebar Bag
*Keys for Handle Bar Bag
*Two Rear Panniers
*Rack Bag
*Back pack rain cover for bike rack bag to suitably waterpropf bag when over-filled
*Two water bottles
*One Trangia fuel bottle
*Rear Mounted Kick Stand - usless, ended up throwing away as it never really fitted the bike correctly so was scratching/damaging the frame
*GPS bracket and mount - not taken as no GPS maps available for the Western Isles
*Bike lock and key - light weight cafe lock taken to save weight on plane
*Bungee cords as required to tie down rack bag
*Bike seat cover


*Tent stakes
*Tent Poles
*Tent Groundsheet
*Sleeping Mattress
*Sleeping Bag
*Sleeping bag inner
*Thermarest Pillow

Camping (in various stuffsacks)

*Trangia stove
*Trangia fuel bottle
*Trangia fuel (buy in Scotland)
*Waterproof Matches (buy in Scotland)
*Cooking Pot with lid
*Foldable plate/bowl
*Utensils; Knife/Spork
*Two water canteens
*Clothes line - forgot to take
*Clothes pins for drying riding clothes after days ride - forgot to take
*Tea Towel

Cycle Clothing

*Cycling gloves 1/2 finger - x1 pair
*Cycling gloves full finge - x1 pair
*Cycling shirt short sleeves - x2 each
*Cycling shirt long sleeves - x2 each
*Chamois shorts - x2 each
*Cycling Shorts - x2 each
*Socks - x2 pair
*Inner socks - x2 pair
*Shoes - x1 pair for on/off bike

Foul/Wet Weather Clothes

*Ground Effect Storm Trooper Rain Jacket
*Ground Effect Two Timmer fleece jacket
*Rain pants

Camp and Town Clothes

*PJ shorts x1
*Merino T-Shirt x1
*Long pants x2
*Tracksuit pants x1
*Casual shirt x1
*Thongs x1 pair
*Jocks x 3
*Garbage bags to hold clothes in panniers

Food Bag (in ziplock-bags)

*Buy all food in Scotland
*Ziplock bags


*Travel details wallet
*Travel Sim details
*International Drivers Permit
*Rohloff Manual
*Thorn Cycles Manual

Gadgets or Electrical Items

*GPS and cable - did not take as no GPS maps for Western Isles
*Phone with Travel Sim
*Phone charger
*I-Touch charger
*Camera in case
*Camera charger
*Camera batteries
*Camera SD cards
*Camera tripod
*UK adapter
*Rechargeable batteries (for headlamp)
*Journal and pen

Bike Tools and Spare Parts

*Air Pump
*Multi Tool
*Spare tube
*Sapre tyre - did not take
*S&S spanner
*Open ended spanner for pedals
*Open ended spanner for Rohloff drive pin
*Open ended spanners for rear rack bolts
*Allen keys as required
*Spare zip ties
*A small roll duct tape
*Tent repair kit including sleeve and seam grip
*Air mattress repair kit
*Spare garbage bags
*Spare zip lock bags
*Tube patch kit
*Tire pressure guage
*Chain lube
*Rag for lube removal etc


*Travel towel
*Toilet paper
*Shaving cream
*Body washer
*Lip balm
*Chamois cream - did not take as saving weight on plane

First Aid

*Saline ampoules
*Antiseptic ointment
*Absorbent gauze
*Compression bandage - excess baggage became such an issue that I did not take all the first aid items listed above

Post Trip Comments

All up the weight was just a fraction over 40kg including the bike, panniers and Tardis bike bag. To meet most airline weight restrictions in the future I need to cut 10kg's from the above list. I'm not sure this is possible on a camping tour however a credit card tour would not be a problem.

A significant amount of the weight comes from the steel framed bike so that is something I cannot change. Excess baggage costs are horrendeous so the next trip that involves air travel will need some serious thought. 10kg's of excess baggage internationally costs around $80/kg so that amounts to $1600 return - ridiculous. I saved a large amount of money (around $700) by posting my excess luggage back home once I had finished the trip. Qantas saved me a little bit (around $240) by graciously not charging me for 3kg's of the 10kg's in excess baggage on the trip over.

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