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Dublin to Northern Ireland

After a long walk from the hotel to the car rental place and some time spent twiddling my thumbs as they sorting out my car, I eventually headed in the direction of Northern Ireland. Dublin was hosting a Hurling grand final so it took me more than an hour to get out of the city. Then after numerous u-turns I eventually found a signed highway that confirmed I was going in the correct direction.

I decided to call Nick when I got to Enniskillen and from there I arranged to meet him in Fintona. In Fintona I checked out his new BMW, Nice!!, then got direction to the wedding reception just outside of Cooktown where I was staying for two nights.

I eventually found Tullygdagen Country House after getting lost many times on narrow unsigned rural roads. The place consists of a hotel which is the country house plus a building that houses a restaraunt and the reception area. The grounds are really beautiful, and my room is typical of old country houses with my bathroom nearly as big as some of the hotel rooms I have stayed in recently. I had dinner in the restraunt and ordered the duck. As far as I can remember thats the first time I have had duck and I was a bit unimpressed, quite stringy and dry.

I caught up with Nick later that night when he came back to the reception area to drop off name cards. I then followed him back to Pomoroy (where they where all staying in a cottage), at around midnight on dark, windy wet country roads to pick up my suit for the wedding. Coming back on my own I somehow managed to find my way without drama to Cooktown but got a little lost in the town. A service station attendant set me in the right direction and I got to bed around 01:00.

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