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Heading Home

I only got four hours sleep last night as I had to be up at 04:30 to get to Dublin airport to catch the 06:40 flight to Heathrow. The plane was held on the tarmac for awhile as there was landing hold ups in Heathrow. Finally we got underway and landed in Heathrow just over an hour later. It was then only a couple of hours wait bedfore I boarded the junmbo and twelve and a half hours later I landed in Kuala Lumpur. From there a quick transfer onto a 777-200 for the flight to Sydney and then Brisbane

The plane had to circle Sydney for an hour due to air traffic congestion and after landing we had to disemaek from the plane and reboard 1.5hrs later for the flight to Brisbane. Because of the delay in the air they must of decided to cut short the 1.5hr stopover as we got back on the plane in what seemed like under an hour. Then it was an hour and five minute flight up to Brisbane for a rough landing at exactly 22:00. After going through customs and the sniffer dogs I caught a taxi home and walked in the door around 23:15.

All up the flights wern't that bad, it was just a very long time to be flying. What made it worse was the stopover in Sydney which brought the trip to a total of 4 landings and takeoffs. Turbulence was not that bad on the flights, a bit bumpy coming down the coast of Malaysia to land in Kuala Lumpr and a bit rough coming into Sydney because of high winds. Other than that I'm very glad to be home and sleeping in my own bed. I ended up crashing at around 01:00.

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