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Wedding Day

When I woke up early this morning and poked my head outside the window I saw that Nick and Rachael were going to have a reasonably fine day for there wedding. The ceremony was at Fintona Gospel Hall so I had to scoot down there for the midday start. It was a little starnge being at a relatives wedding and only knowing a handful of faces. I said hello to Alan and Shonagh Davidson and sat beside Anne Smith and her husband who I had never met but had heard alot about from Dad.

The ceromony went of perfectly, Nick vows were slightly drowned out by Jake deciding that it was an appropriate time to chuck a wobbly. LOL. Afterwards there was plenty of photo opportunities outside the hall followed up by the bride and groom hopping onto an open horse carriage complete with top-hatted driver. Appareantely as they were driven through the village of Fintona back to Rachaels parents house the towns people came out and clapped or cheered. I missed that bit as everyone apart from those in the wedding party stayed at the hall however, it would of been worth watching to see Nicks reaction. LOL

A great spread of food was provided at the hall, but after a cup of coffee and not knowing anyone there I decided to head back to the hotel as that was where the reception was being held in a few hours time. Guest started arriving around 15:00 and after a few hours of photos in the grounds of the hotel everyone went into the reception area which was above the hotel restaraunt. After a few speeches a four course meal waas served over about 4 hours. I sat at a table mostly made up of young people that knew Racheal and had met Nick on his previous trips. After a few more speeches the evening was over at about 21:30 or close to 22:00

Outside it was pouring with rain and Cheryl and Chris had to make the journey back to Dublin that night to catch a 07:00 plane the next morning to Paris. After using my room to change into more comfortable clothes and getting there boarding passes for tomorrows flight printed out at the hotels reception desk, it was getting close to midnight before they headed off

Nick and Racheal stayed in the bridal suite of the hotel in a seperate wing of the hotel. Tommorrow they will leave fairly early to get to Belfast for there flight that leaves just after lunch for Vancouver. All up a great day that went without a hitch. I think they picked a perfect place for the reception and the ceremony at the hall was well organised with alot of work going into the event

Unfortunately I don't have one photo of the event as my camera battery was flat and at that stage I didn't have a UK adapter. Hopefully I can get some photos from Cheryl or Nick in the future to post here.

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