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Bike Rack Sorted

I went out today and bought some roof and bike rack for the Focus today. I ended up getting them from Roof Racks Galore over at Kedron. They only had Rhino Aero Racks instock so I went with them. They also can carry kayak racks as well. For the bike rack they had either the Rhino brand or the Thule brand. I decided on the Thule brand as being made Sweden they should be good quality and they were only $2.00 more expensive than the Rhino bike rack. Both the aero bars and the bike rack have keyed locks for security.

I certainly didn't buy the most expensive option but it still cost $501. I coudn't be bothered installing them myself so they installed them while I waited. All up purchase price including installation was $536.00. Very expensive I know, but that is the going rate for them at the moment. I plan on giving them a test run in the morning on a trip up to Mt Glioious to ride the Super V.

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