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I went riding at Daisy Hill this morning. Pelting down one of the downhill sections a spotted a branch just past a water bar across the track. I couldn't go to the left or right of the branch and at that speed I couldn't stop so I aimed for the centre of the branch in the hope that it wouldn't fly up and snap my derailuer. About two metres away from the "branch" one end of it raised up in the air! Only then did I realise it was a snake!. Somehow I managed to bunnyhop over it and at the same time lift one leg off the pedal away from its head.

Needless to say I didn't look back but kept riding. I have no clue as to what type of snake it was other than it was brown, about 600mm long, and about a thumb thickness in diameter. From memory that is only the second snake that I have noticed in three years of riding at Daisy Hill

Unfortuanetly no pics !

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