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New Wheels

Four wheels that is not two. You might recognise it? LOL.I have a few things to chase up for the car. First, I need some aero roof racks and a mountain bike holder. The racks will also need to be able to hold a kayak in the future. From what I have been told that limits me to the Thule, Prorack or Rola brands, It also seems like $500.00 is around the going rate for this set up. Secondly, as the stereo is dead I think I will replace it with a cheapish cd changer that is compatible with the Apple I-Touch and the new Tom-Tom car mount. This product not only allows you to link your I-Touch to your stereo system but has a built in GPS reciever that turns your I-Touch into a navigation system. . Thirdly, I need a dash protecter which seems to be impossible to find at this time of year and some seat covers. It appears I will have to put in a special order for the dash protecter. Fourthly, I need car insurance. I went through Union Brokers and the best price came back at $625 . After a year and if I maintain an A1 insurance rating I can then shop around for a better price. Finally, I wil eventually get a mobile repairer to touch up the scatches in the paint.

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