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Brisbane to Adelaide Day 1

My flight left Brisbane at 8pm for Adelaide from a very busy Brisbane Airport. The flight down was not to bad just a bit bumpy but nothing too concerning. The flight time was 2:45hrs which was 15mins late due to a strong headwind. Virin Blue offferd me a middle exit row seat on the flight which was brilliant for the extra leg room.

I arrived at around 10:20pm Adelaide time and caught a taxi from the airport to the hotel which took me through the restraraunt/nightclub area of Adelaide which was very busy as it was a Friday night. The taxi passed a police horse patrol of eight horses in formation as they patrolled the CBD streets, apparently a routine Friday/Saturday night event here in Adealide. I doubt that you see that anywhere else in Australia, especially as the taxi had to dodge the horse poo on the main streets.

The Hotel Mecure Grosvernor is ok, I arrived just before 11pm and went to bed at 1am.

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