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More Changes

Well its the night before I fly out for Adelaide and due to the wild South Australian weather my travel plans have changed again. I won't be taking my bike as originally planned due to the closure of many of the roads in the Flinders Ranges are still flooded and the tracks would be nothing short of a quagmire.

Regardless, the plan remains same, to take a campervan road trip from Adelaide up into the Flinders Ranges. Weather permitting I will hire a bike in the Clare Valley and ride the Riesling, Rattler, and Riverton trails with a short day trip on the Mawson Trail at some point. This ineary could change as the South Australian weather is not looking that promising for at least the first week I am down there.

It is disappointing, as these holidays were booked for the sole purpose of riding the entire Mawson Trail. I haven't given up on riding the trail but I won't be dedicating 20 or more days in holiday leave to ride the trail. Instead, the new plan is to ride the trail in sections during the multiple rostered days I have off work. This will take some planning, plus quite a few flights down to Adelaide however, I'm thinking I could do it in three sections, probably spread over one year. Time will tell.

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