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Change of Plans

A rather large change of plans for my Mawson Trail ride/holiday. A badly timed cold left me to crook to ride so I have delayed leaving for Adelaide until the 10th September. This means I don't have enough time to ride the whole trail so a new plan was needed.

So I will be combining a self drive holiday in a campervan with some riding along the way. The plan at the moment is to drive through the Adealide Hills and through the Barossa and Clare Valleys. There is an extensive network of trails through this region so I hope to base myself closeby and do day rides throughout the area.

Then, I plan to drive up into the Flinders Ranges and do a 4 day out and back ride along the Mawson Trail. The ride will start at Rawnsley Park spending the first night at Wilpena then onto Blinman which is the end of the Mawson Trail. After overnighting it I will return via the same route to Wilpena spending the night there before returning to Rawnsley Park on the Mawson Trail. All up about 200km for this section through the Flinders which is said to be arguably the best scenery on the Mawson Trail.

These plans all depend on the weather as at present South Australia is being hit with wild weather and many of the roads/tracks I plan to ride are impassable right now. So it is probably a good thing I postponed my holiday as I could of been holed up in a campsite somewhere unable to ride anywhere until the flood waters subsided. Fingers crossed for better weather next week

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