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Darling Downs Tour.

Now that the Mawson Trail ride has been called off it leaves me short of a multi day ride on the Thorn Nomad to iron out any kinks in my set up/equipment before I ride the Outer Hebrides next year.

So if my work roster doesn't change I should have nine rostered days off work shortly after I get back from Adelaide. This should allow time for a multi-day bike ride and gave me the idea for a DLT or Darling Downs Tour of three or four days.

Initial planning suggests a route commencing at Spring Creek Cottages down the mountain to Killarney through Tanneymorrel and then overnight at Warwick. From Warwick I would follow the Sunflower Route to Allora, overnight there before continuing the next day through Goomburra and Freestone before spending the night at Yangan. The final day would pass through Emu Vale and Killarney before the huge climb up the mountain back to Spring Creek Cottages.

The distance would be around 170km which should mean only a 3 day ride. That would reduce the need for one of the overnight stays but it would require some rework of initial itinerary listed above. Just about all the ride will be on back country roads either paved or unpaved with very minimal riding on major roads other than short distances into townships. That's the plan, stay tuned for more details when I get back from Adelaide.

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