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Wilpena Pound Day Hike; Day 13

Well, I have definitely been slack this morning. I had planned to rise early and climb to the summit of St Marys Peak. This peak is the highest peak in Wilpena Pound and is a nine hour return hike. However, general slackness, a warm bed and a cold morning ensured that I slept in instead. When I did finally rouse from the campervan I ended up driving to Wilpena Pound where the visitor centre provide track informationon walks in and around the Pound. I set out on the Old Homestead and Wangara Lookout walk which leads through the Pound Gap, past the old Hill Homestead and ascends the easy edge of the Pound and up the lookout. There, I was greeted by an impressive panoramic view of the Pound with near 360 degree views of the range that encircles it.

Descending from the lookout I elected to take a short walk across the floor of the Pound. It is impressive in scale, eerily quiet, and comes with a sense of isolation despite the close proximity of civilastion. Emus', kangaroos with joeys, feral goats and even camels (according to some people I met who claimed to have just seen some) roam the valley floor and the different types of vegetation and towering gum trees were quite spectacular. Returning to the visitor centre I grabbed a late lunch, then, headed back to the campsite to start packing  for the return journey to Adelaide the following morning.

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